Use THIS application to reserve space and receive authorization to use this facility's address on your OMMA processors application.

(Processing your application can take several days)

1st: Fill out the form below, completely, and submit.

2nd: Read and Submit Agreement of the Rules and Policies at the bottom of the Rules & Polices Page to complete this application.

​3rd: After you submit your application and Rules and Policies agreement, an email invoice for the $500 holding and processing fee will be sent to you, along with a one-time $500 Consulting Fee. Once these are paid, you will receive the documents and blueprints needed to submit for your certificate of compliance and you will be authorized to use this facility's address on your OMMA processors application. 

​​​Application to use Address for OMMA Processors License

Apply here to

reserve kitchen space and

receive authorization to use this facilities address

for OMMA processor's license

Use this Application when the health department lets you know you are ready

for your contract

PLEASE NOTE ! If you do not fill out the application completely, your application will NOT be processed.


Use this Application FIRST